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How CompleteMarkets and other digital media can best be leveraged by Insurance Professionals.

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Adrian Holloway Adrian Holloway , 2/26/2014
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You are here-Does anyone know it? Social media and cutting through a galaxy of debris. - Michele Holloway, Director of Transformer Marketing - the leader in managed social media for independent insurance agencies, discusses where are we with social media. Did it live up to its hype? Why ROI matters, and much more...
Effective Insurance Email Marketing - Email marketing is the grand-daddy of interactive online marketing. Email marketing has been around for more than 15 years. It is directly or indirectly related to the advent of every other interactive communication platform, including instant messaging, texting, social media, forum interaction and more. But, email marketing remains one of the hardest strategies to implement for an insurance agency (or any business for that matter). The challenges abound...
Why Do Agency Customers Complain?- The No. 1 complaint from customers almost invariably involves communication . . . or lack of it. According to industry statistics, more than two in three clients who leave an agency (68%) do so simply because they have been ignored! What's more, even clients who leave due to poor service do so because of lack of communication from agency personnel.
Is Your Support Staff Happy? - Many producers, whether they're involved in agency management or not, depend on CSRs to help maintain their current book and deal with potential new customers as they make initial contact.
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Hard to Place Commercial Auto in FL - I am looking for commercial auto for a contractor in South Florida. The contractor has losses and is being non-renewed by the current carrier. Looking for a hard to place auto market.
Market for Distressed Homes?? - Does anyone know of a market that will write a Fire policy for a damaged secondary home? I have a home that will be knocked down and rebuilt, however I need a Fire policy to cover the existing structure until the insured is ready to take that step (in about 6 months). This would be in NJ down the shore. It was damaged suring Hurricane Sandy and is not inhabitable. Thanks!
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Insurance Newsletters - building and retaining trust and credibility with your clients is the key to your success in the insurance profession.
Social Integration & Distribution for Online Newsletters - Auto push your Online Newsletters to the popular Social Networks on a predetermined schedule.
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COMPLETEMARKETS, ENHANCES THEIR COMPANY PROFILE PAGES - Says Executive Vice President Jeffrey Vann: "By enhancing this feature, companies can really take advantage of this environment and all of the insurance agents coming here every day. These company profile pages can often times be more comprehensive and generate more internet traffic than our clients websites".
J.M. Wilson Unveils New Blog Name and Logo - J.M. Wilson is excited to announce the launching of a new name for their blog, now known as "The Intersection"! J.M. Wilson created the blog in 2010 and has since contributed over 130 articles.
WORK FIRST CASUALTY NAMES SCHUMACHER VICE PRESIDENT - Work First Casualty Company has promoted Brian Schumacher to Vice President of Information Services. Schumacher, who previously served as Director of Information Services, will be responsible for spearheading Work First's efforts to shift the Company's traditional infrastructure to a managed hosting and cloud based systems hybrid approach to better support its geographically dispersed staff