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Consumer Leads (organized by State)

Adrian Holloway Adrian Holloway , 4/17/2014
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Attention Producers! Consumer Leads for you!

Brand new - added value just because you are a CompleteMarkets Member.

At CompleteMarkets (and through other web properties that are managed by our team), we get a lot of consumer leads. Over 90% of them are assigned to IMMS members or Agents that have an arrangement with us to purchase them. 

These are exclusive leads and tend to be in the Commercial Lines are for the most part. 

However, quite a few of these leads we are unable to match up with Agents and Members. So, we have just launched 50 new Groups, one for each state. Each group will have new, unmatched leads assigned to it.

When a new unmatched lead becomes available, the system will automatically notify CompleteMarkets users (members) that we feel may be interested.  Members that are not interested in FREE consumer leads can opt out of notifications.

You can follow through on the leads and close the business. Feel free to give us feedback anytime. :-)

Good luck!

P.S. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend.

Here is a link to the FREE Consumer Lead groups, organized by state. You might need to find your state by tabbing through the pages.