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Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 4/3/2017
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Staffing Services WC Insurance - All Risks, Ltd.
Territory: National (Excluding NY)
Target Classes:
Clerical | Professional/Technical | Light Industrial | Hospitality | Skilled Trades | Medical Staffing | Transportation | Broad Class Code Appetite
Wood Products - American Lumber Underwriters
Territory: National
Target Classes:
Millwork | Cabinet Manufacturers | Saw Mills | Pallet Manufacturers | Hardwood Dimensional Lumber (floor) | Lumberyards | Planning Mills | Wood Preservers | Hardware Stores | Truss Manufacturers | Plywood Manufacturer | Rental Equipment Dealers | Wood product manufacturers NOC | Building Material Dealers and Distributors
Professional Liability - AP Advantage
Territory: National
Target Classes:
Real Estate | Media | Architects | Technology Services | Engineers | Attorneys | Associations | Consultants | Lawyers | Allied Health | Medical Malpractice | Medefense/e-Md | Trustees | Insurance Brokers and Agents | Title Agents | Escrow Agents | Abstractors
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Track your candidate pipeline Your client is up for renewal, but the current carrier will not renew. Your client wants better rates or will take their business elsewhere.
Track your candidate pipeline You have a prospect that will switch their AOR/BOR if you can quickly show value. You have a book of business - multiple clients in a niche business (school cafeteria insurance, for example). Shop your book - get better rates and service.