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This Week on CompleteMarkets - August 10, 2018

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 8/10/2018
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This Week on CompleteMarkets
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Looking for long haul/cargo coverage for a transportation company, they transfer...
I'm working with a start up and am having trouble writing this one. It's a one man...
startup company, digital marketing including, photography, video, graphic design...

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Seven Steps to Qualify Your Prospect - SFew steps of forming a business relationship have more importance than qualifying the prospect's interest and commitment. It's a high-payoff and high-value use of your time, and leads to a constructive outcome for both parties in the relationship...
Start Your Summer Sales Blitz Now! - With summer approaching, the lull in autumn's new business results can't be far behind. September, October, and November are the weakest months for revenue and sales for a majority of agencies. Theories abound as to the reason, but probably it's because too many producers take the summer off from new account prospecting, or they spend their time continuing to round existing accounts. Sunshine, golf courses, and family take priority, and little new business is set up to be written in the fall...
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Greenwich, CT: UmbrellaPro allows registered agents to quote, bind, issue, and invoice over 600 classes of commercial umbrella in as little as 7 minutes. Utilizing proprietary, intuitive, and lightning-fast technology UmbrellaPro gives agents In House Binding Authority in 6 Exclusive Programs: Restaurant/Service, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distributor, Construction Trades and Real Estate. Regarding UmbrellaPro’ s ground breaking approach to instant binding authority, Great Point Director of Sales & Marketing Ryan O’Neill said, “Relentless customer service and extremely competitive pricing have always been our hallmarks. UmbrellaPro brings a user from Instant Pricing Indication to Policy Issuance in less time than in takes to brew a pot of coffee.” Alongside its best in class “Insurance. One & Done.” Ecommerce platform, UmbrellaPro offers exclusive Purchasing Group pricing.
HUNT VALLEY, MD (August 1, 2018) – All Risks, Ltd., the nation’s largest independent wholesale insurance broker, announces Amanda Dolan will join the Distribution and Broker Partnership team in a new role as Vice President, Executive Broker Manager.