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Is your Insurance Agency ready for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) - January 2020?

Adrian Holloway Adrian Holloway , 9/25/2019
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CCPA is an honest attempt to give consumers control of their own data. It also seeks to prevent companies from misusing consumer data that is stored, transferred and/or ‘sold’.  CCPA goes into effect January 1st 2020. Other states are likely to follow suit in the near future.


Key Notes

  1. - Consumers have the right to know ‘what categories of personal information a business has collected about them and their children.’
  2. - Consumers have the right to know ‘whether a business has sold this personal information, or disclosed it for business purpose, and to whom’
  3. - Businesses must ‘disclose to California consumer if it sells any of the consumer’s personal information’ and allow the ‘consumer  to tell the business to stop selling the consumer’s personal information.’
  4. - A Business must not deny, change or charge more ‘for a service if a California consumer requests information about the business’s collection or sale of the consumer’s personal information, or refuses to allow the business to sell the consumer’s personal information.’
  5. - Businesses are required to ‘safeguard California consumers’ personal information’ and will be held accountable ‘if such information is compromised as a result of a security breach arising from the business’s failure to take reasonable steps to protect the security of consumers’ sensitive information.’


Which companies does this affect?

  1. - Companies that serve California residents
  2. - Have at least $25 million in annual revenue
  3. - Have personal data on at least 50k people or collect more than 50% of their revenues from the sale of personal data.


For more info and to see the full initiative please visit