Your CompleteMarkets Company Profile

Your Company Profile is one of the first impressions that a client/prospect will see when determining if they want to do business with you. Consider this just as important as your own company website. There are several areas of customization that you can really benefit from. We recommend completing as much, if not all, of your company profile.

Here are some key features you might want to focus:

About Us
  • This is a great place to tell your company story, vision and what sets you apart from the competition.
  • If you have multiple locations you can easily list them here. This is also the place you will edit your profile to add social networking links, a company logo, tag line and main point of contact.
  • This is the list of all of your storefronts. Please see the storefront section for the best practices on creating storefronts.
  • This section lists all of your company News Releases and Press Releases. Please see press release section for the best practices on creating news and press releases.
  • List any and all job openings you have here. If you would like more information on posting a job click here.
  • Anyone who will be a contact on a storefront needs to be added to the company as a team member. You can easily invite new team members by clicking the button "Invite Team Members" which will send invitations. You can also manage departments and create a nicely formatted team page for your clients/prospects to get to the right person quickly.
  • Create a nice content package for clients/prospects to view. This can be important program information, sales tools or brochures.
  • A great way to drip on our followers. Keep them up to date on important changes to your programs, new programs or just great content.
  • Utilize this tool for private team discussions/notices/collaboration. You can also create a group specifically for your clients/prospects to quickly give them important updates, allow them to ask you questions or simply stay in front of them with interesting topics of debate.
  • We cannot stress enough how important reviews are for your company profile. This star rating is displayed at the top of your company profile and is often of the first places a prospect will look to see if others have had good experiences working with you. You are encouraged to reach out to your current clients to ask them to come and review you on your company profile.