CompleteMarkets Storefronts

Your contract allows you to upload unlimited storefronts to CompleteMarkets. Why not take advantage of this offer? You have a dedicated specialist that is here to help you with any questions along the way. Following these Do's and Do Not's will help ensure that your storefronts have the best chance to rank high in search engines. You will also find that you will get receive more relevant leads because you are providing more specific information to the agents looking at your products.

Create product/industry specific storefronts.

We recommend making the storefronts as specific as possible. If you provide General Liability for many industries we recommend creating industry specific General Liability storefronts. For Example: Instead of creating a storefront called General Liability for 10 products, create 10 storefronts with specific information about those different industries. This will help your search engine ranking and allow the CompleteMarkets community easily sees what industries you can write General Liability.

Create specific and relevant content.

Search engines will look at a few aspects of your storefront to determine where it will come up in a search. The storefront title, your body content, and the coverages you attach. If they all match and are specific you will get higher relevancy ranking.

Having enough information is also very important. We have learned a storefront with more than 300 words; will perform better than one with only 50. More words does not always mean better, you want to make sure the information you have is relevant to the product and subject of the storefront.

That being said, you want to make sure the content is at least 70% different any other content on the internet. Duplicating content on the internet harms your search rankings. If you copy all of the information from your website and put it into your storefront, it will prevent you from ranking at all in google, and will harm the SEO on your own website as well.

You want to create an introductory paragraph that is specific about the topic, do not include information about your company here unless it is specific to your product. Below this introductory paragraph include some bullet-ed lists that talk about the specifics of the program. This can be underwriting requirements, underwriting restrictions, premium min/max, etc. Make sure that you are only talking about the product page you are creating.

Insert a variety of keywords into your content. If you repeat the same keyword "Taxi Liability Insurance" over and over it is called "keyword stuffing" this will hurt your search engine ranking. What you should do is "Taxi Cab Insurance" "Taxi Liability Insurance" "Insurance for Taxi Cab Companies" "Liability Insurance for Taxi Owners" etc. Try to think of the way an agent would search for the coverage and change it up a few times throughout the content.

Attach the appropriate coverages.

Search engines rank your storefront based on the specificity of the product you are discussing. If you are talking about RV Parks, but you also attach a Mobile Home Park you will get penalized because the coverages attached aren't specific to the product you are discussing. If you write both RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks you should create storefronts for each and attach the appropriate coverages to the specific storefronts.

Add as many coverages  (not more than 100) as makes sense to your storefront - this will help with agents finding and submitting.

Create an easily searchable title.

Your storefront title is the first thing that agents will see, having the right title is important. If you have a competitive product, or is specific to one state or region you can add the location within the title.

Including the word Insurance is the easiest way to make your title easier to be searched. Instead of "Taxi Liability" you could make it "Taxi Insurance" or "Taxi Insurance, New York City"

Do's and Do Not's

Do: Have product/industry specific storefronts
Do Not: Have 1 storefront with more than 100 coverages attached

Do: Have at least 300 words of product/industry specific information
Do Not: Just put a few bullet points of generic information

Do: Have your content be a minimum of 70% Unique
Do Not: Copy and paste all of your information from your website

Do: Make your storefront title easily searchable
Do Not: Use a title that you don't think an agent will search for

Do: Fill out all of the information you can
Do Not: leave multiple sections blank


To ensure we have the best information possible on CompleteMarkets, we have some requirements each storefront needs to meet before it can be live:
  • Insurance within the title
  • A minimum of 300 word count
  • A minimum of 70% unique
  • A minimum of 1 contact attached
  • A minimum of 1 coverage attached

Some additional suggestions that can improve your storefronts would be:
  • Updating your content, and keeping it current
  • Fill out all of the information you can on each storefront
  • Adding a link within the content to your website, and vice versa
  • Having a profile picture, or logo uploaded on the visible contact(s) account
  • Having the correct contact information listed
  • Uniformity of each storefront, make sure you are using the same fonts/styles
  • Adding Pre-Qualification questions if you have any