CompleteMarkets E-Blasts Examples

There are a few key things to keep in mind when sending an email. Although the new responsive designs and heavy CSS/HTML are pretty and look great in a web browser, they do not render correctly when you are sending via email. Also, heavy CSS in an HTML email is a very big flag for SPAM filters to pick up on as a marketing piece.

Think about it, when you send an email; Do you create fancy color changing buttons? Do you insert 100 images? No, you send a email addressed to the recipient with little to not formatting except a little on your signature. Emails that are sent with large images or lots of little images, or with heavy styling/CSS are red flags for SPAM filters.

Every inbox is different so we design so you get the best chance of getting into the inbox and the best readability of the email. Here are a few examples of the two different types of emails we have designed for our clients. We do not use templates or pre-designed emails. We design each email, for each client, from scratch.

Top Tips
•   People scan they do not have the time to read. So, keep it informative but brief.
CTAs above the fold (not just at the end) . Multiple CTAs – email, form fill, phone.
Light personalization - for example - Hi [Joe], I can help you with that tough account.
Keep it simple, email campaigns are not graphic design competitions –
Employ the brand logo & corporate colors for continuity.
Use a banner or flagship image to provide a product visual identifier.
Make it responsive – readable on any platform (mobile, web)
Highlight scannable areas, italics and bold where it makes sense.
Adhere to CAN/SPAM guidelines.

Here is an example of good email layout and design structure using best practices.

We have designed thousands of  emails over the years,  so please ask for more samples if you need them. We can also send you more recent samples, if you prefer.

Flyer Type Design:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5

Text Only Design (letter type):

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3