CompleteMarkets Press Releases

Your CompleteMarkets contract allows you to create unlimited News or Press Release articles for distribution. We have two different types of distribution to give you maximum success.


You can upload as many News worthy articles you would like. The difference between these and Press Releases is they can be "marketing" products/services. These articles will not be released to our Press distribution group, but will be released to your company followers. This is a FANTASTIC way to drip market on your company followers.

Press Releases

Press Releases are written communications announcing something newsworthy. These are not intended to be used as marketing products/services, but rather a way for you to control your public image and alert the media of important news or scheduled events. Press Releases are sent on a first come, first served bases and must be approved by CompleteMarkets Support. This means if there is a specific day you need your Press Release sent you should upload it early and then "hold for distribution."

If you need immediate assistance we are happy to accommodate if we can, just reach out to your Marketing Advisor and we can check the schedule.