Your Professional Brand

Why 'Your' Brand Matters

Over 75% of consumers research the brand online before they engage.

Even when they get a recommendation from a friend, consumers will overwhelmingly take the additional steps to check out your online presence, how many reviews you have and what you specialize in.

People have very little time these days. And they do not want to waste it with someone that does not appear to have their act together.

Take a leaf from your own book, how often have you picked one product or company over the other simply because they have a few better customer reviews?

This is one of the reasons is successful - customer reviews.

Every day, people they have more and more information that enables them to make smarter decisions. Decisions that could affect your livelihood.

Your brand matters. More than ever before.


Track your candidate pipeline

As a professional, your customer wants to know more about you.

More important than the carriers you are appointed with; or the Agency you work with; or how great your customer support team is - your clients and prospects care about you, and your story.

You are not just a business card. It isn't just about your resume. You are not just the person that 'sells' insurance.

What are your core values? What areas do you specialize in? What do your clients say about you? What personal traits make up your unique personality?

Are you accessible? What are you passionate about? Why do you think your experiences are relevant?

How responsive are you? How relevant are you?

What comes up when your clients google you?

What comes up when your clients Google you?

Extreme Expectations

A lot is changing in the insurance world. And quickly.

Clients know that they have other options. They know how to change their broker/agent. They know it is easier than before to shop around. They have extreme expectations of you.

They do not care that direct writers have squeezed away profits from retail agents. They are aware that your margins are narrower. Yet, they demand more from you. From you, their agent. They hold you responsible. Your clients want your best.

Have you googled yourself? If one of your professional profiles doesn't show up in the top 5 results, you need to do something about it, quickly.

We have made the process simple – if you have a resume (which professional doesn't have a fairly recent one), just upload your resume and the system will automatically create and publish your professional profile to the search engines.

Your clients expect more from you, much more than you think.