Exclusive Insurance Leads

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Why 'Exclusive' Matters

The average insurance lead is distributed more than four times (4x)!

The average consumer is expecting a quality response in 60 minutes or less.

The average prospect will shop in at least two different places before making a decision.

At CompleteMarkets we deliver only EXCLUSIVE leads. The lead is not sold to any other agent, giving you the best chance of closing the sale.

If you are the ONLY agent working with a consumer, you have dramatically increased your chances of quoting and closing the sale.

No Minimum Spend. No Contracts.

Types of Leads

Track your candidate pipeline

We provide all types of leads - Specialty Commercial, Standard Commercial, Life, Health, Variable Life/Annuities, and Benefits leads.

We do not buy leads. We do not re-sell leads. We do not provide 'aged' leads.

We take our job of serving the insurance consumer very seriously. We work hard to provide the best match - the right lead to the right agent.

Agents can accept or decline any lead. Successful and professional lead handling counts towards reduced pricing for future leads.

Review each lead before you purchase.

Protecting The Consumer

Price matters. Value matters. Relationships matter. Speed matters.

We will only provide consumer information to the qualifying agent that accept's the opportunity. And, to one agent only. The consumer does not appreciate being harassed by multiple agents, multiple times.

Professional handling of the opportunity (as reported by the consumer) increases the quality and frequency of future leads.

Our job is to educate the consumer, show them why they need an agent and connect them to a qualified agent that has a good chance of helping them.

Pricing is determined by Risk, Location and other factors.