Find Markets

Every year, over $3.5B Million in specialty market premium originates here.

By simple definition - a submission is a request to a carrier, wholesaler or provider to underwrite and bind a policy. In other words, it is a detailed request for a quote and subsequent binding.

Our Find A Market tool is FREE and provides instant access to multiple, matching markets (nationwide). That's tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket every year!

Find A Market is a best-in-class interactive tool that allows you to submit, track your submissions, re-submit and rate your submissions experience and the provider responses, all in one place, and secure (encrypted).

Creative ways to make $$$$ using this service!

Your client is up for renewal, but the current carrier will not renew.

Your client wants better rates or will take their business elsewhere.

You have a prospect that will switch their AOR/BOR if you can quickly show value.

You have a book of business - multiple clients in a niche business (school cafeteria insurance, for example). Shop your book - get better rates and service.

User Reviews

"I have been using Complete Markets for 4-5 years. Their introduction to specialty markets has allowed me to book over $200,000 in premium that I would have not placed. Thank you CM." - Warren Blesh, Jan 6, 2015

"Complete Markets has helped our agency obtain to place many risks that we would not have had a market for otherwise. The find it tool is a great tool for finding markets for those hard to place risks. Complete Markets allows us to be very competitive in a market where we are saturated with insurance agents, I don't tell anyone here local about complete markets because it gives our agency a competitive edge:)" - Jason Kincade, Dec 3, 2014