Your Insurance Community

Helping Each Other Succeed

The Ask Your Peers forum is a popular place for insurance professionals to ask the community for help.

The AYP board averages over 10 new discussions per week.

New topics average around 5 responses, and normally have over 150 views within 24 hours of a new topic.

The average active member on the AYP board has posted or responded around 15 times a year.

It's exciting to see how the insurance community steps up to help, guide and educate - on a daily basis.

The insurance community is chatty. And very helpful.

The Community Effect

The power of professional networking is ever-present on CompleteMarkets. Here are some popular ways insurance professionals use the network -

  • New markets
  • Carrier Appointments
  • Out of state commissions.
  • BOR/AOR changes (using a fellow agent's appointments)
  • Initiate and nurture relationships with peers, wholesalers and carriers.
  • Recommend colleagues and companies, so others can make more informed decisions.
  • Leverage SEO to drive traffic and leads - revenue.

In the face of our industry's challenges, we can help each other succeed.