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The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisor...NAIFA) is the largest professional association dedicated to the protection and...
...onal liability/E&O insurance programs often include: • Competitiv...
Affinity Nonprofits ASAE-Endorsed Association Business Insurance Portfolio - Cus...erage In-house Legal Coverage for association lawyers giving legal advice to ...
Information and Security Breach (Data Breach) Coverage helps mitigate the financial impact of costs associated with a data breach. A data breach is an incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so. Data breaches can be as dramatic as a hacker accessing your network or as simple as an individual viewing a client’s information on a computer screen over your shoulder or in a written application in your hand. Why does your business need data breach coverage? When a data breach occurs, you must react quickly to protect your sensitive client information from further exposure and to protect your own business reputation. The cost associated with recovering from a data breach can average up to $200,000. This includes response costs for notifying clients their information may have been compromised, forensics required to determine the size and scope of the breach, and attorney fees to review the breach and possible claim. More importantly, the cost of recovering from a data breach is not necessarily dependent upon business size, leaving individuals and small businesses with less financial backing more vulnerable and exposed. CalSurance offers a data breach insurance program to protect insurance agents and financial professionals from the harmful effects and costs associated with a data breach. CalSurance data breach coverage has the unique added benefit of providing you with expert counsel so you don’t have to navigate the data breach recovery process alone. In today’s technologically savvy society, protecting yourself against a data breach is as necessary as locking the front door, perhaps even more important. Don’t let someone walk through your front door; arm yourself with a data breach insurance policy. Visit us at
Business Insurance for Life Agents Get critical coverages no business should be without. CalSurance Associates Business Insurance Coverages include: BUSINESS OWNERS POLICY (“BOP”) - Combines a comprehensive General Liability and Property coverage in one simple policy. Now you can defend your business from financial loss and unforeseen disasters with core protection from a company you can trust. WORKERS' COMPENSATION POLICY - Provides coverage to employers for benefits to employees for work related injuries or illnesses that cover medical expenses, lost wages, disability and benefits for families in the event of a fatality. COMMERCIAL AUTO POLICY - One of the most important aspects of your business. Some of the largest losses businesses suffer are a result of auto accidents. If you have salespeople working for you on the road, or have employees using your business autos (or their own) to conduct business for you, your company is at risk. UMBRELLA POLICY - Protects you from catastrophic losses. Although your business liability policies are designed to protect you from the majority of risks your business might face, they are not intended to cover catastrophic losses – some of which are unfortunately too common. Losses from a serious accident could exceed your business insurance limits and start to eat into your business assets. Learn more, speak with a specialist, and get a free, no obligation quote at:
Accounting firm insurance can help protect against the ever increasing liability claims and significant attorney fees that are a result of the broad option of services required by third parties and clients. The associates at CalSurance will provide you with unique solutions for Accounting firms based on our proven experience. Coverage can protect against: • Losses due to negligent acts • Errors and Omissions committed in the scope of your professional services Products that we can place for our Accounting Firm Insurance include: • Limits up to $5 million (excess limits available if needed) • Coverage for the firm, its advisors and other employees • Comprehensive definition of professional services • products from A rated carriers • Combination policies including professional and fiduciary liability • Options for employment practices liability • Coverage for punitive damages (where allowed by law) • Fidelity bonds • Spousal Coverage For more information on out Accounting Firm Insurance contact us today!