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Your 2018 Email Marketing

Michael Solaroli Michael Solaroli , 1/18/2018
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While 2017 was challenging for many in our industry, CompleteMarkets had a great year, thanks to the advertising community that supports our platform. ☺

I wish you and your agency a wonderful 2018!

And, while I am sure like many MGA’s/PA’s and wholesalers (our clients) you will have budget constraints and you will be examining the many available approaches to marketing, I want you to know that we are here to help you will any/all of your digital marketing.

We had a few clients that tried purchasing marketing lists last year and do some in-house marketing having a difficult time of it. When they came back to us for email marketing, we told them we were happy to help them recover their server and domain reputation, and get them new agents (and email addresses) into their in-house pipeline.

We also had a few clients try some event marketing – trade shows, conventions and even webinars. Most turned out to be much more expensive than email and digital marketing, and therefore failed in terms of ROI.

Regardless, our job is to try and help you with the budget you do have, and bring our considerable digital resources to help with branding, distribution and premium growth for your agency. We have the most targeted approach in the industry – we go beyond state, license type – we can narrow it down to NAICS code and premium category in most cases.

Once again, thank you for your support. We continue to innovate in our space and separate ourselves from our competition.

Get in touch. We will find a way to help you succeed with the resources you have available.