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Adrian Holloway Adrian Holloway , 7/30/2014
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Thank you for being a valuable CompleteMarkets member.

The insurance industry is struggling a bit when it comes to talent, jobs and skills. We have an ageing workforce. We also have a problem with bringing on young talent - they either quit too soon, or just aren't being mentored well enough.

As a result, employers are snapping up great talent. Gone are the days when you have to go through multiple interviews and sit downs. Recruiters are telling me that if they match an applicant with an employer, and the interview goes well, they are suprised at how quickly a job offer is filled.

Recruiters are also telling us that the majority of their successful candidate placements are 'passive' job seekers. These are folks that are 'happily' employed, but will gladly take a promotion with more money and more opportunities, if they can apply confidentially and the process is not too disruptive to their immediate future.

There are over 4500 jobs on our site for you to review (confidentially). And, we have even created a One Click import from your LinkedIn or Facebook profile - just one click and the system will import your job history from LinkedIn and create a snazzy resume/PDF for you that will be shown to employers and recruiters alike.

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The power to enhance your daily professional life is in your hands, and only your hands. Act accordingly. :-)

My team and I remain dedicated to bringing you the best value in the insurance industry.


Adrian Holloway. CEO, CompleteMarkets.