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Phillip Flores Phillip Flores , 7/24/2015
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Fact: As of December 31, 2014 there were 320,087,963 people in the United States of America.1

Fact: As of July 21, 2015 there have been 436 data breaches in the United States of America.2

Let me state that one more time.

"In the first 7 ½ months there have been 436 data breaches in the United States of America!"

According to the 2015 Identity Theft Resource Center report, from the 436 breaches, 135,145,808 records have been exposed.

2015 Data Breaches
1. Citigroup
2. Morgan Stanley
3. Uber
4. Auburn University
5. Ashley Madison
6. Anthem Inc.

What does that mean? Well that means 135,145,808 exposed records / 320,087,963 people in the United States = 0.42 or 42% of people in the United States of America are affected by 7 ½ months' worth of data breaches.

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Phillip Flores, Manager & Sr. Marketing Specialist - CompleteMarkets