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Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 9/5/2017
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Social Services Insurance - NIF Group Inc.
Territory: State Specific
Target Classes:
Back to Work Programs | Foster Care/Adoption | Goodwills | Mental Health Facilities | Food Banks | Halfway Houses | Homeless Shelters | Battered Women Facilities | Teens Facilities | Boys and Girls Clubs | Schools/Head Starts | Developmentally Disabled Facilities | Community Foundations
Professional Liability - Alexander J. Wayne & Associates, Inc.
Territory: National
Target Classes:
Architects and Engineers | Brokers | Clinics | Consultants | Doctors’ Offices | Environmental Offices | Fiduciary | Hospitals | For Profit Directors and Officers | Insurance Agents | Lawyers | Medical Marijuana Dispensaries | Non-Profit Organizations | Railroads | Staffing Agencies | Surveyors | Contractors
Hard-to-Place Property Insurance - Proctor Financial, Inc.
Territory: National
Target Classes:
ard-to-Place residential, commercial and real estate owned (REO) properties
Miscellaneous Professional Liability - Commercial Sector Insurance Brokers
Territory: National
Target Classes:
Management Services Firms | Financial Services Firms | Educational Firms | Legal Support Firms | Real Estate Firms | Personal Services Firms
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