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How CompleteMarkets and other digital media can best be leveraged by Insurance Professionals.

68% of online marketers believe that eNewsletters help achieve business goals!

Adrian Holloway Adrian Holloway , 1/29/2014
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As an insurance professional, you know that building and retaining trust and credibility with your clients is the key to your success in the insurance profession. Recent surveys and reports show that 68% of online marketers (up from 48% in 2011)  believe eNewsletters (online and dripped by email) help achieve their business goals.

In the same study, the top 5 reasons for using client newsletters and electronic communication were -

  1. Retention - 78%
  2. Engagement - 70%
  3. Revenue Generation - 68%
  4. Brand Awareness - 58%
  5. New Client Acquisition - 58%

Our Insurance Newsletters have been rebuilt from the ground up to address these goals and distribute them through the most popular (87%) method of clients receiving them, through social media.

  1. Fresh content monthly, written by experts communicating your expertise and credibility. We have been writing client insurance newsletters for over 30 years.
  2. Wide ranging topics deliver precision based expertise to your clients in the areas that they are interested in. Pick from over 8 Insurance Newsletter Titles.
  3. Customize your newsletters in ways no one else will let you do so, including change colors, contact information, images, backgrounds and even replace articles with new articles that suit your audience better.
  4. Co-brand your newsletters exactly the way you like. Upload logos, profile images, rename newsletter titles, create your very own unique newsletter.
  5. Your newsletters will generate revenue for your business through the snazzy Get an Insurance Quote function on each newsletter.
  6. As prospects connect with you through your newsletters, you will be acquiring new clients without lifting a finger.
  7. You can post them on your website, your blog, social media pages, your email signature and generally any marketing and sales material. And, they are automatically updated for you every month.
  8. Distribute your brand and expertise through social media. You  decide what day of the month that you would like your newsletters to be distributed to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.
  9. When people discuss your newsletter article posts on your social media, you tap into the most powerful engagement medium - referrals, viral marketing and inferred credibility through social media. Friends of your clients and prospects review your content, your brand and your brand amplification goes through the roof, netting you more revenue in the process.
  10. Track everything, top clicks, top referrers, popular articles and more.

With no long term commitments, a breezy setup, no additional investment in content creation, distribution or creative design, you have discovered the most powerful way to actively grow your book of business!