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Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 8/22/2017
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Aviation Insurance - Plimsoll Specialty Markets, LLC
Territory: National
Target Classes:
Corporate Jet or Private Aircraft Operators | Commercial Aircraft and Helicopter Operators | Aircraft Component Manufacturers | Airports and Helipads | Aircraft Maintenance and Repair | Any Airport or Airline Contractor including: Refueling, Baggage Handlers, Catering, Janitorial, Security, Lavatory, Aircraft Cleaning, De-icing and airport snow removal. | DOD Aviation Contractors | Flight Schools | FBO’s
Healthcare Workers' Compensation Insurance - All Risks, Ltd.
Territory: National
Target Classes:
• 8824 | Retirement Living Centers – Health Care Employees • 8825 | Retirement Living Centers – Food Service Employees • 8826 | Retirement Living Centers – All Other Employees • 8829 | Convalescent Home – All Employees / Nursing Home – All Employees • 8833 | Hospital – Professional Employees • 8834 | Physician • 8851 | Congregate Living Facility • 9040 | Hospital – All Other Employees / Hospital – Professional Employees • 9043 | Hospital – All Employees • 9070 | Residential Care Facilities • 8742 | Salespersons or Collectors – Outside • 8810 | Clerical
Professional Liability - Intercorp, Inc.
Territory: National
Target Classes:
Lawyers | Information technology | Human resources | Market researchers | Energy consultants | Insurance agents and brokers | Consultants | Medical billing services | Architects and engineers | Bookkeeping services | Mortgage brokers | Property managers | Real estate agents and brokers | Appraisal management firms
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