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How to find value with Social Media Marketing?

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 11/7/2018
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A few weeks ago I talked a lot about websites and search engine marketing. Discussing the importance of proper internet presence and being sure to pay attention to how things have evolved over the years. While getting the content together is important, that’s not the whole picture. There are several facets to be sure to capture your audience, keep them engaged, and pushing for more prospect opportunities.

You may have noticed that over the years the social media wave has grown and shifted into many different avenues, so how do you keep up with all of the options. Simply, you don’t. There are new sites that come out all the time that have different features, most of them shouldn’t be used by you, marketing to your consumer/insured. Some of you will do heavy business to consumer pushing, while others focus on business to business marketing. This is where your individual goals come into play and where you have to figure out is the best place for you to have a social presence.

The safest bet is to keep to the most popular platforms and expand your marketing skills through that platform. Facebook is a great place to keep in front of your current clients regardless if you are B2C or B2B. The key to social media marketing on Facebook is understanding Facebook and how to utilize its specific tools for your needs. There are a ton of articles available to you on the web that go into details about how to use Facebook, and other social media platforms out there.

What they all have in common is being present on their frequently. This can require a lot of time and effort put in by you or your marketing team. So where do we come in to help? We have a lot of content available to you that is focused on personal lines, commercial lines, life/health, and employees. Each month you get access to new content that you are free to use as you see fit. You can take advantage of the predesigned (and customizable) newsletter layout or simply take the content and reuse it for your website, then sharing that content to your social media sites. Having direct and immediate access to this content provides you with a ton of sources of posting opportunities. Best of all we provide this content for free to any of our Prestige Agency subscribers.