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What are you doing about revenue growth in 2017?

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 12/21/2016
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It is no secret that the insurance industry is facing some of the toughest challenges it has in recent years.

It’s also no secret that there are 3 main strategies for growth in any market condition -
  • Organically - all forms of marketing (email, search, social and event marketing), new programs, appoint new agents and grow more premium.
  • Through acquisition - find a smaller or similar company that aligns well with the core business and acquire or merge.
  • Open up new channels of distribution. For example, go direct to consumer (in addition to retail agent channels).
No matter what amalgam of tactics need to be employed, we can help you grow - though our multi-disciplinary approach to marketing. How we support your growth plans:
  • Targeted & non-targeted email marketing.
  • New agent acquisition and more premium acquisition from existing agents – growing from your existing accounts.
  • Successful launching of new markets/products
  • Education and press releases (especially with product knowledge and M&A activity)
  • Expand the footprint (admitted and non-admitted)
Get in touch. We will craft a solution that fits the unique needs of your organization.