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3 more powerful reasons to use CompleteMarkets...

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 7/26/2017
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Here are 3 more (of many) powerful reasons to use our retail agent distribution platform –
  1. Completely secure. This includes PCI and HIPAA compliancy on our network. But, we also secure every document/attachment to your marketing & underwriting team.
  2. Submissions and leads can be routed by department, team or underwriter. This lead routing is powerful for geographically distributed teams.
  3. Fully customizable auto responders, by storefront. Every inquiry, lead and submission can be customized and personalized so that the inquiring agent has the right contact info, expected submission forms and underwriting guidelines & requirements to make the submissions more actionable for your underwriters.
Our most successful clients showed us that so much of the value we provide is overlooked. So, we thought we would share these nuggets, a few at a time.

Get in touch – we can help augment your team’s marketing efforts in creative ways – after all CompleteMarkets is the network of choice for the insurance industry.

To your success. ☺

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