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Horror story – purchasing an email list.

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 8/16/2017
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If you ever purchased a distribution list, you can identify with a story we just heard from one of our clients.

This client purchased a ‘great’ list of commercial insurance agents from a ‘reputable’ source. The list was not cheap, and it was supposedly a ‘double opt-in’, clean list. They did some further cleansing and proceeded to do some email marketing.

Within a few short weeks their online reputation was destroyed!

They hit spam traps, honeypots, google’s list of ‘suspicious’ sites, you name it!
  1. Their regular emails to clients were going to spam (because of their poor domain and IP reputation)
  2. Their website search engine rankings dropped dramatically.
  3. Their IT department was scrambling to get off the spam lists and restore their reputation.
Sound familiar? We have you covered – get in touch and we will get you great results from email marketing, without any risk to damaging your IP & domain reputation.

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