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3 powerful reasons to use our tech...

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 8/30/2017
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When it comes to finding retail agent distribution, you are familiar with the usual tactics – email marketing, print advertising, industry event sponsorships, lunch and learns, SEO, etc.

Here are some 3 (of many) powerful reasons to use the CompleteMarkets agent distribution platform that you are probably unaware of –
  1. The largest and most responsive email distribution network in the insurance industry –
    1. We send the email blasts from our secure network to the recipient, keeping your domain and IT infrastructure insulated from reputation issues.
    2. You get to see every view and click (with full contact information) and you can download and contact these folks, using your own internal marketing methods.
    3. We send your content to people that our data shows to be responsive.
  2. Our membership has no-cost to insurance professionals – agents make inquiries and send in submissions (with secure attachments) when they think you can help them.
  3. We email you a monthly marketing scoreboard report (on the 1st of every month - which outlines your submissions, leads, inquiries, summary of your marketing campaigns, and social engagement.
We were surprised to hear from some of our clients that so much of the value we provide is overlooked. So, we thought we would share these nuggets, a few at a time.

Get in touch – we can help augment your team’s marketing efforts in creative ways – after all CompleteMarkets is the network of choice for the insurance industry.

To your success.