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Featured Advertiser - Midlands

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 10/23/2017
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Featured Client

is a managing general agent, wholesale broker, program administrator and insurance services provider with specialty in excess workers’ compensation.  Midlands has been a CompleteMarkets Advertiser since 2016.

Mandee is the Assistant Vice President of Media at Midlands Management Corp. She is responsible for developing and executing effective marketing campaigns to increase market share. This includes driving high-impact communications - marketing and otherwise - directly to agent base and internally. Mandee uses multiple marketing channels to generate new leads, support sales goals and increase company visibility. She has partnered with CompleteMarkets to help reach her goals.

Mandee’s key responsibilities as it relates to working with CompleteMarkets are -
  • Storefront (products and services) content approval and management.
  • Editing and approval of email campaign content and scheduling.
  • Handling leads
    • Storefront Submissions
    • Inquiries
  • Tracking results and implementing changes based on actionable data.

The CM Perspective

by Ashley Fuerstenberg

Midlands is one of the most responsive clients that I manage. Mandee listens to all of my recommendations and implements the ones that make the most sense for their business in a quick, professional manner. She is very good (and quick) at responding to EVERY lead that comes her way, typically responding to the agent with guidance on which ACORD forms to submit and whether the submission is a good fit for any of the Midlands products. I have not yet talked to any of Midlands underwriters, since Mandee runs interference and as a result we have heard nothing but positive feedback from the agents submitting business.

The Advertiser Perspective

by Mandee Wilson

Even though we had been talking to them for a couple of years, and had heard great things about them, we were hesitant to join CompleteMarkets - mainly for internal reasons. But, in 2016 we negotiated a Power Plus package with them. I am so glad that we did as our overall experience has been great. The service team is fantastic (especially Ashley and Erin), the technology is amazing and most importantly they have driven us a ton of business in the short time we partnered with them for our digital marketing.

The phone rings, the storefronts submissions keep coming and email inquiries spike after an email campaign. At this rate we will be very inclined to upgrade to the next level of services they offer and continue to see great return on our investment with CompleteMarkets.

In Summary

by Erin Carlson

Clients like Midlands make us very happy and excited about the future of our industry. When agents tell us that our Advertisers are responsive, knowledgeable and were able to help with placing their submissions, we know that our partnership is working well. While we try to do all the heavy lifting for our clients - designing email campaigns, writing copy, finding the right target audience, getting up quality storefronts and driving submissions and leads to them - we cannot do everything - as some point the client’s team takes the ball and runs with it.

In Midlands case (as with many of our long term clients), we have heard nothing but great things all around. We are honored to have them as our marketing partner and will strive to do our job of understanding their sales and marketing needs and using our experience and resources to bring about their goals.