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Featured Advertiser - USG Insurance Services

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 4/10/2018
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Featured Client

USG Insurance Services, Inc is a national wholesale broker and managing general agent (MGA) with 21 offices across the country. They work with over 260 different brokerage markets, write business in all states, and represent a variety of A rated carriers, both admitted and non-admitted.

Jennifer Kessel is the Marketing Director for USG. She brings 5+ years of experience with brand management, marketing coordination, relationship development with both carriers and agents, and cutting edge marketing consulting services to the company.

Jennifer’s key responsibilities for CompleteMarkets advertising -
  • In-house development for all new products and features (including contract negotiations to marketing of the new product)
  • Content approval and management for all landing pages and email campaigns, including press releases.
  • Lead management and routing to Underwriters from Submissions and Inquiries
  • Tracking results and ROI.
The CM Perspective
by Ashley Fuerstenberg

"Jennifer is a pleasure to work with, she is dedicated to her program and making sure that any lead that comes in is being addressed as quickly as possible. She makes sure to attend to every lead and goes beyond to assist agents needing help with market placements. Jennifer is quick to respond and makes sure to utilize every opportunity for growth."

The Advertiser Perspective
by Jennifer Kessel

"We have partnered with CompleteMarkets for many years, and as our company has continued to expand our products they have been an integral part of our marketing outreach efforts. They have always been dedicated to the success and growth of our programs. Always quick to address any issues or concerns my team or I have, they also are consistent in reaching out to us for help on potential opportunities with new agents. The team at CM is proactive and very hands on and we look forward to many years of successful partnership with them."

In Summary
by Erin Carlson

"USG Insurance Services, Inc. has always been one of those "yes" clients. Their first goal is to help the agent/insured, and they have a team large enough to do it. Jennifer is one of the many highly educated and experienced staff at USG, and she is readily available to facilitate the communication between agent and broker."