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Workers Compensation Premium by State

Adrian Holloway Adrian Holloway , 9/28/2018
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I have been hearing about a lot of expansion plans for 2019 - more programs, states expansion, new agent appointments.

As MGAs', Program Admins and Wholesaler brokers gear up for 2019, which promises to be a good year for growth, if the booming US business economy is a good indicator. I thought we could mine our own data and perhaps help our clients with the planning process.

So, as a multi-part blog series, we are releasing some summarized data of premium submissions (workers compensation only in Part 1) that flows through our system, nationwide. The first part covers workers compensation premium. Future blog posts will summarize GL, PL and Commercial Auto premium.

I hope this helps with your planning process for next year. Keep in mind, this is just our own data and could differ from your own research, findings and much of this data is dependent on our agent distribution and the products we are marketing on behalf of our clients.

State % of W/C State % of W/C
 AK  0.11%  MT  0.02%
 AL  0.82%  NC  3.66%
 AR  0.72%  NE  0.50%
 AZ  2.92%  NH  0.23%
 CA  17.69%  NJ  3.26%
 CO  1.41%  NM  0.86%
 CT  1.24%  NV  1.60%
 DC  0.21%  NY  6.14%
 DE  2.25%  OH  0.25%
 FL  12.26%  OK  0.67%
 GA  6.12%  OR  0.46%
 HI  0.11%  PA  2.76%
 IA  0.97%  RI  0.06%
 ID  0.06%  SC  1.43%
 IL  2.94%  SD  0.06%
 IN  2.36%  TN  1.54%
 KS  0.99%  TX  6.31%
 KY  0.44%  UT  0.67%
 LA  1.47%  VA  2.94%
 MA  0.88%  VT  0.78%
 MD  1.64%  WA  0.11%
 MI  2.50%  WI  0.82%
 MN  1.98%  WV  0.15%
 MO  0.40%  WY  0.02%
 MS  2.19%

This should give you an idea where the workers compensation premium demand is - across all class codes. [UPDATE] I have already heard from a couple of folks on how this could help them with their expansion plans. So, I am happy to see that the data is useful.

If you have any questions or if there is any way I can help, please get in touch.