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The anatomy of good email campaign design and layout.

Adrian Holloway Adrian Holloway , 10/25/2019
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Email design & layout sampleBecause we are asked so often, we decided to study dozens of successful, historical email campaigns and find the common denominators of a successful HTML email design.

Note: This assumes that the recipient list is good, the server reputation is great and the subject line/pre-header gets readers to open the email (covered in a different topic). Of course, designs can and will vary. Some folks use email template designs and other build from photoshop to HTML, but the common structure outlined below appears to be the most productive from our review of past email campaigns over the last couple of years.

There are other considerations and best practices outlined here.

Note: the image with callouts is clickable and opens a larger image.

The key points summarized below -

•   People scan they do not have the time to read. So, keep it informative but brief.
CTAs above the fold (not just at the end) . Multiple CTAs – email, form fill, phone.
Light personalization - for example - Hi [Joe], I can help you with that tough account.
Keep it simple, email campaigns are not graphic design competitions –
Employ the brand logo & corporate colors for continuity.
Use a banner or flagship image to provide a product visual identifier.
Make it responsive – readable on any platform (mobile, web)
Highlight scannable areas, italics and bold where it makes sense.
Adhere to CAN/SPAM guidelines.
Here is a link to the actual email HTML sample if you wish to download and re-use the formatting.