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Trending Thursdays - The Hottest Markets of The Week -

Jeffrey Vann Jeffrey Vann , 5/16/2013
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On Thursdays we will be highlighting some of the most searched for markets and products of the week on  We call this the Trending Markets.

As many of you know  is the most visited site by agents and brokers looking for the markets, products and services you may provide.

This week the Top 10 most searched for markets so far are:
1.  Workers Compensation
2.  Trucking
3.  RIA E&O Insurance
4.  Commercial Auto
5.  Home Health Care Agencies
6.  Truckers Workers Compensation
7.  Non - Emergency Medical Transportation
8.  Aviation
9.  Homeowners
10. Charter Bus Insurance

If your company offers any of these markets, products or services and would like to capitalize on our existing demand or you are interested in learning how to leverage to promote your other markets, products and services:

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Jeffrey Vann