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5 Secrets That Will Create Your Network and Compound Your Profits!

Jeffrey Vann Jeffrey Vann , 8/6/2013
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5 Secrets That Will Create Your Network and Compound Your Profits

Even at this early stage, the opportunities locked within Social Networking offer tremendous opportunity. Below are five ways you can begin today to leverage this opportunity toward your success.

To begin, let's start with two pieces of information related to Facebook, the largest and most successful social network to date. Facebook states that the average user has 130 friends and posts 90 times per month. Using this information we can start to see the opportunity in very real terms. The more friends gained in Facebook, the more posts and profiles become available for educating - and profiting - in the future.

Each of the five secrets below will show a different way to capitalize on these facts.

1. Insulate Your Clients From Competition:

When your agents haven't heard from you in a while, they become more open to receiving advice and guidance from another. However, it is very challenging to keep in touch via phone or email with even a modest number of agents on a regular basis.  Social Networks provide a vehicle to engage your agents on a regular basis in a many-to-one capacity. This way, the impact of a single post can be multiplied with no additional effort on your part.  This enables you to stay connected to a agent, even if they are busy, on vacation which reduces the likelihood they will seek out or even be responsive to the solicitation of another competitor.

2. Be a "Go-Giver" of Insight & Wisdom:

Most agents are hungry for more details about insurance products. This is a tremendous opportunity to educate and "reset" the reasons why a prospect should choose your products generally and you specifically. Be a thought leader that reveals how valuable you are to your agents on a regular basis. It is much easier to do this successfully via a strategic, indirect sell by leveraging the Law of Reciprocity as defined by Dr. Cialdini in Influence: The Psychology of Influence. Giving another something valuable such as insight into a current event or legislative change radically improves the likelihood they will respond to your next request - such as an event invitation - affirmatively.  Remember to provide market data, insight, and wisdom - not simply product information.

3. Leverage the "Social Referral":

As mentioned above, if you have 130 friends / agents you can reach each with each post.  However, if they are also connected to the average number of friends / agents, this provides an exponential opportunity if they choose to pass on your info as a valuable insight to their own network. This is a 'social referral' and the nature of a social network makes it an ideal and easy strategy.  Make your posts nice and short, straight to the point and somewhat broadly relevant as the friends of your friends / other agents, might not be the same age, demographic,etc. Even better, provide an incentive like a free report or small gift - just be sure to have a time period so you can easily know who should get the gift.

4. Mine the Gold in Social Profiles:

Let's say half of your 130 Friends on Facebook were agents and the other half were qualified prospects.  Wouldn't you like to know key life or business events such as a promotion, job, etc.?  What about learning the same about their friends?  The social network - Facebook in this case - provides unprecedented and permission based visibility into the lives of your agents and prospects. This enables you to be proactive in serving them as well as relevant in creating events, marketing, and offers to engage them in relevant ways.
The goal is to "Fact Find with Facebook" and other social networks so you can then provide relevant and valuable products and services.

5. Drive Sales Opportunities with Offers:

If you execute on the above secrets you will unlock great potential within your growing social network. However, converting this potential to actual revenue requires an additional step that is often overlooked or misused.  Once you have positioned yourself as a trustworthy expert over a period of time, your network will be ready for a request from you. This could be in the form of a webinar, event, or new product that offers them value and also an opportunity to provide more detail to you in exchange.  Additionally, all three leading social networks have extensive mobile applications so make sure your offers are both readable and respond-able by mobile users on iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, and Android devices to name a few.  This enables you to provide measurable sales opportunities from your social network through gaining more information about needs and goals through an offer.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Many of these items can be very challenging for companies to execute in a consistent and timely fashion. This prevents them from realizing the benefit this competitive advantage offers. To enable Program Administrators, MGA's and Wholesalers to overcome these challenges, CompleteMarkets has been providing a comprehensive set of services and systems for more than
15 years.

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