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This Week on CompleteMarkets - October 5, 2018

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 10/5/2018
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This Week on CompleteMarkets
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startup building composite kayaks and canoes. Small amount of wood used and does have paint shop. Need a BOP, has a building...
I'm working with a new business - used car dealership and I need a market that can cover garage-keepers liability. Interested in Wholesaler and...
Need a Wholesaler that can cover a small moving business here in Alaska. They have 4 employees and 2 trucks. 1$M in liability and wc, competitive...

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Musicians, Athletes and - Producers? - Here I sit, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Second Helping. What an amazing band! Although Lynyrd Skynyrd is now a classic rock radio station staple, their first album was avant garde. They combined country music stories, southern culture, rock, and a polished arrangement — including a great horn section — and a New York City producer...
The Sales Center: Systematic Marketing and Selling - Many marketing managers and representatives may ask: "Why is a sales center important to me? Isn't it designed for niche- or target-marketing? How would this fit into my company, that wants Main Street business?" Having a marketing-representative background provides me with a unique perspective on sales centers. I know that the marketing representative is much more than a "go-for" problem-solver, running down endorsements, acting as portable shrink between underwriters and agents, or being "the official news agency TAS," spouting party line. I know that marketing is the precursor to selling...
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Carrollton, GA, 9/27/2018 - Safehold Special Risks, an insurance program administer with customized coverages for a wide range of businesses plans to cater to the needs of the booming US economy. With accurate and efficient service Safehold Special Risks has a high multitude of niche markets all over the nation. From tailored policies to specialty to coverage, there isn’t a risk that can’t be covered. The fast paced 4.2 GDP US economy is creating new demand in the specialty business insurance sector. Safehold is expanding its appetite and staffing accordingly, with a plan to stay ahead of the game, providing more programs and options for its appointed insurance agents.
Lovettsville, VA (September 14, 2018) With the rise of peer to peer home sharing and short-term vacation rentals, found on popular websites such as Airbnb & Homeaway, traditional insurance products have been slow to adapt, leaving gaps in homeowners’ and landlord prices. Four years ago, Proper Insurance® developed a niche program to address this unique exposure and has since become the go-to product for property owners.