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This Week on CompleteMarkets - December 07, 2018

Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 12/7/2018
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This Week on CompleteMarkets
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Small motel with 40 rooms, non-franchise, needing liability and property. had a hail loss back in 2105 but none since...
I am looking for a competitive workers comp market for fiberglass insulation contractors. There are 11 employees and...
Looking for a market for a lenders interest that can quote property & GL ASAP Commercial Office building Loan amount - $10M...

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Referrals: Everybody's a Winner - When I took my daughter to the county fair recently I must’ve heard "everybody’s a winner" a hundred times. This reminded me of referrals, because when you’re proactive with referrals, everybody is a winner!...
Estate Planning Attorneys Make Great Allies - I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Dobson, an estate-planning attorney from Los Angeles. She had this advice for financial services professionals who want to win referrals from estate-planning attorneys:...
News & Press Releases
Canonsburg, PA, November 29, 2018 The vaping industry is on the rise and growth is exponential. Over the years it has become a popular new option for the smoking population. We are proud to announce that our E-Cigarette & Vape Store program is available to distributors, retailers, importers, and wholesalers.
HOUSTON, TX (November 19, 2018) – All Risks, Ltd., the nation’s largest independent wholesale insurance broker, is pleased to welcome Bonita Rogers, Broker, to the Houston, TX office. Bonita specializes in upstream, midstream and downstream energy risks – both onshore and offshore for contractors, operators/non-operators, consultants, manufacturers, distributors, and oilfield trucking businesses. Lines of coverage include General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers’ Compensation, Pollution, Umbrella, Professional, Marine Liability, and Control of Well.