Break Through The Clutter!

When you go to a networking event for your company, do you make an effort to mingle? Do you have your elevator pitch fine-tuned? Do you leave people that you network with a reason to get in touch with you? And an easy way for them to get in touch with you?

What if every agent that ever called your office or visited one of your product pages was somehow subscribed to your company blog?

Professional social networking is not about making connections. It is about making the RIGHT connections. The connections that MATTER.

Breaking through isn't about having the best product. Dressing flashy for the networking event - trying to be the Purple Cow - is not the way to break through. Not if everyone else wears the same suit to the event!

At CompleteMarkets, we have our own professional, insurance social network - much like LinkedIn, only better for you because it is a specialized network of only insurance professionals and financial services professionals. A network of connections that matter! A network that is pre-qualified and pre-targeted to the needs of your business - an audience that matters!

We can help you BREAK THROUGH with our managed social media marketing program that will play a pivotal role in making the right connections and putting the right information in front of right people at the right time.

Here is how OUR TEAM helps take the load off your team –
  • We set up and manage your CompleteMarkets & LinkedIn presence.
  • We manage your Company Microsite, Profile, Blog and Group.
  • We help connect to your existing customers / agents to both CompleteMarkets and LinkedIn.
  • We research our databases and connect to pre-qualified prospects.
  • We publish content to your blog and push to LinkedIn and other social sites.
  • We respond to emails and social engagements in a predetermined, timely manner.
  • We craft and send a quarterly email outreach to your existing customers and prospects to join your Blog & Group.
  • Our Graphic design team is involved in relation to your Social Sites, Blog Pages and Email Campaigns.
  • We provide you with regular progress reports to track ROI.