Targeted Mix Marketing

What is Targeted Mix Marketing?

This is a unique and proprietary automated 'super' targeting technology introduced specifically to the Insurance Industry by CompleteMarkets for its advertisers in 3rd quarter 2017.

How does Targeted Mix Marketing work?

Using various data capture points (clicks, views, content interaction) gathered by site usage and marketing campaigns, we created algorithms that automatically and dynamically (in real time) assign a ‘Targeted Score’ of the intended recipient of the advertisement. After further segmenting by state, insurance license type and other factors, our Targeted Mix Marketing is unmatched in the industry!

How does Targeted Mix Marketing help advertisers?

It is the most effective way available in the world to pin point your message to the right audience. For example, if you are advertising your Liquor Liability Program, the system will be able to automatically deliver your message to the largest target audience of insurance agents that have shown high ‘Targeted Scores’ for that type of message.

Is this for email marketing only?

The first iteration applies to email targeting only. We have already begun to work on blog notifications, on screen banner advertising, context sensitive messaging and other ways of leveraging the powerful data we gather.

What is the ‘Mix’?

Our campaign sizes are typically 50k recipients. Our algorithms will auto select the best targeted audience, then backfill with audiences with lower targeted scores, and then with new recipients. You can also specify the mix. For example – 60% Targeted, 40% new agents (people that have never seen a message from you).

Why is this unique?

Targeting does not work without actual data patterns to analyze and segment. It takes years of gathering and storing data before the patterns become useful. In addition, the data is alive and breathing and changes every day. The complex algorithms we have developed interpret this data in a unique, proprietary and patent pending process that is not easily copied.

As a CompleteMarkets Advertiser, how do I take advantage of this marketing technology?

We have completely automated the manner in which this process is handled. The complex algorithms handle the selection and segmentation. Our Marketing Advisors can fine tune the campaign based on your campaign goals, making slight adjustments to the ‘targeted mix’, but we have designed it to be a simple process where all the heavy lifting is done by finely tuned software developed over the last few years.