Competitive Comparison

Our clients are our partners. It is a team effort to identify problems and find creative solutions. We care about maximizing ROI for our partners and use a multi-line approach to marketing and distribution for our clients.

Our marketing solutions are not a simple cause-and-effect approach; instead we cause a sophisticated chain reaction of events that drive success for our partners.

  Service CM MnM FP PB TgtM ALM
Distribution (P&C) Property & Casualty full contact records, by state, license. 300k 15k 100k 40k   60k
Distribution (L&H) Life (Fixed & Variable) and Financial Services (by Series license), full contact records. 500k         100k
Targeted Distribution (by LOB) Ability to send to agents that have a track record of writing specific lines of coverage and target classes. Y          
Targeted Mix Marketing If you have a niche market or hard to reach target classes, we will leverage our technology to market to those specific target classes - plumbers, dry cleaners, etc. Y          
Search Marketing Storefronts (Search Optimized) Showcase each product/service of yours with a dedicated storefront with tracking information. Storefronts assist your rotation through site ads and to increase your ranking on search engines, and onsite searches. Y Y   Limited Limited  
Social Professional Networking Professional networking, community building, a professional social network for the insurance industry. Y          
Forums/Discussions Discuss topics with peers, carriers, wholesalers. Y Y        
Blogs Create, customize and manage your own blog (and connect to popular social networks) Y          
News Updates Update your follower network on anything newsworthy and other goings-on in your company. Y          
Press Releases Press releases to insurance press/media contacts, automatically distributed from our servers and get picked up industry media. Y          
Reputation Company Reviews Interactive testimonials and reviews from your followers and clients. Y          
Individual Reviews Peer reviews, client testimonials and endorsements. Y          
Articles/Content Create, customize and manage your own reference library of articles, checklists, etc. Market this to prospects and clients. Y          
Insurance Library Industry specific, categorized content for insurance professionals to consume and use daily. Y          
Lead Routing & Management Route your leads to different departments and team leaders - automatically, with autoresponders. Y          
Pre-Qualification Easily add additional pre-qualification questions per storefront. A customized automated response message that replies back to retail agents that complete and submit the contact form is also available. Y          
Measurement &
Call Tracking Track every phone call, manage call routing to different departments. View reporting all in one place. Y          
Campaign Reporting/Analytics Comprehensive views, clicks, export capabilities. Anaytics on blogs, microsite, storefronts, etc. Y   Limited Limited  
Coaching Regular status and success coaching meetings. Tools necessary to succeed, including Best Practices Guide, User Guide, Coaching Webcasts, and full training on the management utility and reporting. Y          
Innovation Control over IP/Innovation Intellectual property built and managed in house - controls speed of innovation and ability to adapt to industry needs. 100% 35% 15% 25% 25% 25%