Advertiser Case Studies

A.J. Wayne & Associates was looking for a new multi-level marketing solution that would be able to help generate new business. CompleteMarkets has the right expertise and a real niche in targeted marketing and brand lifting for Wholesale Brokers. (Download Full Case Study - PDF)
As a small wholesaler primarily in California, Gladius Insurance Services, LLC ('Gladius') was looking to expand our marketing efforts. The carrier relationships Gladius holds are not specific to California, so they obtained licenses in other states. The challenge was getting marketing materials in front of brokers in a succinct, efficient and cost effective manner. Gladius tried alternate forms of marketing such as direct mail and telemarketing, but the cost wasn't justified as they were not seeing the ROI they imagined.

In John's words, "I can think of 3-4 others who approached us. We almost went with one in particular, but I just did not feel comfortable with the setup. I chose CompleteMarkets (who was not the cheapest) mainly because I felt comfortable with what they were telling me, I felt their approach was very straight forward, they did not try to nickel and dime me to death, which I hate… I listened to each presentation and decided on CompleteMarkets." (Download Full Case Study - PDF)
Atlas was looking for an innovative marketing partner that could help the company expand product distribution and advertising nationally. This partner should have a proven track record and should have an organized team that could advise the company on email creatives, content, positioning and retail distribution. In addition, Atlas needed a marketing solution that was multifaceted, focusing on both mass and targeted advertising. (Download Full Case Study - PDF)
Axis Brokers was looking for an advertising source that had the knowledge and experience in the insurance industry to get to agency owners. We needed a way to create an awareness of our new ventures by getting in front of the right agents, and CompleteMarkets had the most thorough approach to accomplish our goals. (Download Full Case Study - PDF)