Advertising Partner's Success Stories

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with CompleteMarkets and are glad to have them as a partner. The team is great to work with and they provide us with quick responses and quality suggestions on how we create our email blasts and storefronts. The amazing part, when they send one of our email blasts the phone and emails start immediately. We look forward to growing with CompleteMarkets."

Peter C. Plumb, President, RISCO Insurance Brokerage

"We are very pleased with the services provided by CompleteMarkets. Not only is their team easy to work with but they are committed to helping us succeed. Whether it's giving suggestions on how to better our emails or improving our storefronts they are always eager to help."

Bob Sargent President, Tennant Risk Service

"We have been with CompleteMarkets for a few years now. They are much more than a typical email vendor. They are a true marketing partner. We greatly appreciate their expertise, the time they invest to develop a focused plan for us, as well as the measurable results we have generated. We look forward to continuing our relationship and growing with CompleteMarkets in 2014.."

Paul Mason, Sloan Mason Insurance Services, Inc.

"Our experience with CompleteMarkets has been very positive. Their amazing support staff is professional and they are always more than willing to help our business succeed. Their marketing emails have helped us write new business and increase our name recognition in the marketplace. We are very pleased with the results of our partnership with CompleteMarkets. When it comes to online marketing, CompleteMarkets is the way to go."

Heidi Strommen, ProHost USA

"CompleteMarkets has been essential in helping my company build legitimate new business through the email channel by offering a very clean database of prospects for us to reach. They also offer excellent service and provide their knowledge of email marketing best practices to help us optimize our content and campaigns."

Teri K. Speece, Argo Group US

"Working with CompleteMarkets is paying off more than I ever hoped for when we first joined their team. They are not only efficient, professional, and knowledgeable in what they do, but the support team is friendly and willing to help with whatever questions I have. The efforts that are made to improve the site for the user and the advertiser makes me confident in their growing success and we are happy to reap the benefits. The response we receive is in large part due to their search engine optimized pages as well as their expertise in e-mail marketing. There has been a steady flow of responses from both. One of the things that separates CompleteMarkets for us is the one-on-one attention that we receive from the customer support. I would give CompleteMarkets a 10 out of 10!."

Miriam Ball, Veracity Insurance Solutions

"CompleteMarkets has helped Gateway Specialty Insurance greatly since we signed up with them in January of 2013. They have been bringing in multiple agency leads for us and we have been coming up more in Google searches for nonprofit and social service insurance as a result of their SEO expertise. If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation – where you know you will get the results – use CompleteMarkets. When a lot is riding on a program you have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can't thank CompleteMarkets enough for assisting us in getting the business that we have been receiving."

Anthony Vellutato, Gateway Specialty Insurance

"CITA Insurance Services considers CompleteMarkets to be one of its key partners. We have worked with similar entities and most turn out to over-promise and under-deliver. The opposite is true with CompleteMarkets. Their technology, service level, professionalism and responsiveness is undeniably the best when compared to other similar providers CITA Insurance Services has used. The return on investment has proven positive as we can directly correlate new business and brand awareness thanks to CompleteMarkets. CITA Insurance Services has found the email marketing services to be the most valuable aspect of the relationship. If you are looking to grow your business, CompleteMarkets can truly help you accomplish that goal."

Adam Babcock, Brown & Brown Program Insurance Services, Inc. DBA: CITA Insurance Services

"Right from the start, Complete Markets impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to marketing on a national level that would reach both existing clients and potential new ones. By partnering with CompleteMarkets, we have consistently received inquiries about our programs from various agents nationwide. Best of all, we have appointed multiple agents, and written new business as a direct result of our partnership. "

Nick Wiegers, Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc.

"What it boils down to for me is results, and CompleteMarkets certainly delivers. I get tremendous response from my CompleteMarkets storefronts. Their storefront Search Engine Optimization works wonders, continuing to drive leads to me and my website day in and day out. It's been phenomenal. Here's the bottom line: Not one day goes by that I don't receive at least one lead from CompleteMarkets."

Thom Bradshaw, TCB Insurance Programs

"CompleteMarkets has revolutionized the way agents and brokers connect. The customized storefronts allow us to showcase our most popular programs right alongside our more specialized niche programs, ensuring that brokers know our broad spectrum of coverages. Additionally, CompleteMarkets' tailored EBlasts have allowed us to showcase our programs to a constantly growing database of brokers. We've seen an increase in submissions because CompleteMarkets has allowed us to extend our reach in the marketplace. Definitely worth the investment!"

Jacqueline Warren, The Capacity Group of Companies

"Working with Complete Markets is a pleasure; no request is too much trouble and their responsiveness is outstanding. We consistently receive inquires from our storefronts on and our email blasts to agents have also produced regular leads for our specialty sports and recreation programs. Complete Markets is a cost-effective avenue to reach agents across the United States searching for unique markets."

Lorena Hatfield, K&K Insurance Group, Inc.

"The ads we do with excite folks to pick up the phone or email us in response. We've had them respond in a couple of ways: Incoming calls – Asking about our specialties and with requests for more details about how we can help them. Direct email responses that we get through CompleteMarkets.coms' built-in email form system. "This has been a huge timesaver for us because requires a login from anyone using the site, the email form is already pre-populated with the agents' demographic information (Name, Agency, Phone, etc.) -- which makes it that much easier for agents to contact us, and with meaningful inquiries. All in all, we have been very pleased with the quality of leads we have received through our investment in"

Jeff Grigsby, Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Inc.

"CompleteMarkets has great customer service, everybody that I've dealt with there has been friendly, above and beyond willing to help; whether it's setting up storefront's, email ads or what have you. The training aspect as well, I have utilized that to help train our new marketing reps that have come on, I have been very impressed with that! The back end reporting feature is something that CompleteMarkets pretty much blows everybody else away, versus Program Business or Target Markets. I definitely see a lot more activity from CompleteMarkets and you are constantly improving that's the main thing, and looking to improve things and give more benefits to the clients."

Julie Byington, U.S. Risk Brokers

"CompleteMarkets is not just about the marketing aspect, but the behind the scenes assistance they provide. They help me with putting together and scheduling our marketing e-mails, as well as always being available to provide help in navigating the website and making the maximum use of all the tools found on the site. The staff at CompleteMarkets has been very, very helpful!"

Ray Wahl, Lee & Mason Financial Services, Inc.

"I have used CompleteMarkets for two years. I have seen consistent, measurable growth in both new business submissions as well as new agents and agencies who are interested in our wholesale products. We will continue to rely on CompleteMarkets as a cornerstone of our annual national marketing campaign."


"Thanks for walking us through the site. You guys have done a lot of work, and wow! It's really user friendly! I really like how we can make any changes we want, whenever we want. It's easy to add and update storefronts, add press releases, and view reporting. The format of the new retail agent site is also attractive and intuitive."

Riley Binford, Tangram Insurance Services

"Your programs and services have been instrumental in the growth of our agency. CompleteMarkets offers a quality service and you are a pleasure and easy to work with. Thank you once again."

Bill Ballay, Bonding and Insurance Specialists Agency, Inc.

"I really enjoy working with CompleteMarkets. Everyone I deal with is always quick with suggestions and eager to help us succeed. They are committed to delivering great results which is demonstrated in everything they do for me and our organization."

Cathy Baldwin, J.M. Wilson Corp.

"We are very happy with our relationship with CompleteMarkets. Their multidisciplinary marketing approach is highly effective and we enjoy working with everyone on their team. The press release feature has been very valuable for us as we have leveraged it to enhance our branding, exposure and industry presence."

Valerie Williams, Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.