Press Releases (Newswire)

Premium Advertisers can quickly upload and digitally distribute all of their approved News & Press Releases, instantly!

Distribute press Releases on Social Media

Powerful & simple, Advertisers get a tremendous amount of traction from great press.

Once the Press Release is on the Newswire, any number of our Media contacts could pick up the piece and re-run it.

News & Press Releases are also automatically sent to your Company followers and existing agents that are connected to you on CompleteMarkets.

In addition, your News and Press Releases can be easily shared across all major social media platforms - with the click of a button.

Announce a new program, strategic partnership. Tell the world about the latest talent to join your team. Keep your clients and prospects in the loop, always!

"We are very happy with our relationship with CompleteMarkets. Their multidisciplinary marketing approach is highly effective and we enjoy working with everyone on their team. The press release feature has been very valuable for us as we have leveraged it to enhance our branding, exposure and industry presence." - Valerie Williams, Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.