Talent Solutions

CompleteMarkets.com is the LinkedIn for the insurance industry, with tens of thousands of insurance professionals using the site daily for Professional Networking, Referral Generation, Reputation Management, Marketing Automation, Wholesaler Appointments, P&C Markets, Insurance Library Content, Insurance News and other tools, features, and services that matter to the progressive insurance professional.

And now, our database of over 1 Million insurance professionals can find great insurance jobs!

In 2014, we launched an insurance specific job board from the ground up. Our goal is to solve problems for our members and clients. The dearth of skills in the insurance industry and the ageing workforce are big problems that we believe we can help solve.

Our Jobs Board and Candidate research tools are innovative, user friendly and cost effective. And we have information on job seekers that no one else in the industry can provide.

Find the Right Candidates, Instantly
Find Insurance Candidates, Instantly
Publish a job and instantly be matched to qualified candidates - by location, skills, experience, certifications and resume freshness.
Manage Your Candidate Pipeline
Track your candidate pipeline
Review, rate and hire your candidates and future employees, all in one place. Our unique, Microsoft Outlook style interface is a familiar format for your candidate and job management needs
Lower Your Hiring Costs
Find Insurance Candidates, Instantly
Your jobs are also advertised with our partners such as Indeed.com. Our algorithms do the work for you, instantly. And you only pay for candidates that you wish to contact!

For more information on our jobs, candidate and talent solutions, please review our Talent Solutions section.