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More than just E-mail

Jeffrey Vann Jeffrey Vann , 12/17/2013
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We have been compared to a standard email vendor a few times recently.

To be perfectly honest that kind of annoys me ... We here at CompleteMarkets strive to be in a category of one and are always innovating, enhancing and improving so we can be the best marketing partner possible for our clients.

While we are the leader when it comes to Email with the largest database of independent agents in the country that is only a fraction of what we actually do. 

I go into it a bit more in the video, but some bullet points


1. We have been online since 1998
2. We are the most visited site of its kind – (WEBSITE ADVERTISING)
3. We have the largest data base of independent P&C agents in the country (EMAIL MARKETING)
4. We have the only turnkey press release distribution platform in the industry – (PRESS RELEASES)
5. We are the only company that allows our clients to build an unlimited amount of product storefronts (WE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZE EVERY ONE = PULL IN AGENTS FROM SEARCH ENGINES)
6. We have a 98% + renewal rate for the last 5 straight years
7. We have the world greatest references!

As our clients will tell you aside from all of the deliverables and metrics we provide the glue that holds it all together is our dedicated service and support team.

Advertiser success stories

"Working with CompleteMarkets is paying off more than I ever hoped for when we first joined their team. They are not only efficient, professional, and knowledgeable in what they do, but the support team is friendly and willing to help with whatever questions I have. The efforts that are made to improve the site for the user and the advertiser makes me confident in their growing success and we are happy to reap the benefits. 

The response we receive is in large part due to their search engine optimized pages as well as their expertise in e-mail marketing. There has been a steady flow of responses from both. One of the things that separates CompleteMarkets for us is the one-on-one attention that we receive from the customer support. I would give CompleteMarkets 10 out of 10!
" - Miriam Ball, Veracity Insurance Solutions

"What it boils down to for me is results, and CompleteMarkets certainly delivers.

I get tremendous response from my CompleteMarkets storefronts. Their storefront Search Engine Optimization works wonders, continuing to drive leads to me and my website day in and day out. It's been phenomenal.

Here's the bottom line: Not one day goes by that I don't receive at least one lead from CompleteMarkets."
- Thom Bradshaw, President - TCB Insurance Programs

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