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Have you heard of Targeted Mix Marketing???

Michael Solaroli Michael Solaroli , 9/28/2017
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Do you feel like you have tried every approach to marketing known to humans? Email, Banner Ads, Trade Shows, On-site, Partner, Print, Social Media. As marketers, we all know that we have to keep trying different approaches, and measuring the results when we can. And then we stick to what we know is working until it stops working.

Every once in a while someone creates a better mousetrap in the marketing world...

I am pleased to introduce you to ‘Targeted Mix Marketing’. We built that better mousetrap. It’s a brand new, data driven approach to putting your message in front of the right agents.

How does Targeted Mix Marketing work? Using various data capture points (clicks, views, content interaction) gathered by site usage and marketing campaigns, we created algorithms that automatically and dynamically (in real time) assign a ‘Targeted Score’ of the intended recipient of the advertisement. After further segmenting by state, insurance license type and other factors, our Targeted Mix Marketing is unmatched in the industry!

How does Targeted Mix Marketing help advertisers? It is the most effective way available in the world to pin point your message to the right audience. For example, if you are advertising your Liquor Liability Program, the system will be able to automatically deliver your message to the largest target audience of insurance agents that have shown high ‘Targeted Scores’ for that type of message.

So, it’s time to add Targeted Mix Marketing to your marketing arsenal. Here’s a link to our updated media kit.

Do get in touch, together we can find a cost effective, creative solution to round out your company’s marketing initiatives.

Thank you!

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