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Erin Carlson Erin Carlson , 5/30/2017
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Exclusive Apartments - Apartment Insurance Consultants
Territory: State Specific
Target Classes:
Our Exclusive Apartment Programs are designed to meet the needs of your clients with medium to large sized properties.
BOP Insurance - Safehold Special Risk
Territory: State Specific
Target Classes:
Financial services | Business and professional services, medical offices | Retail (mercantile) | Habitation: apartments, residential condominiums, townhouses | Contractors | Offices | Processing/service | Manufacturing | Restaurants and wholesalers | Real estate | Technology and life science, including IT services, laboratories, and manufacturing
Grocery Store Insurance - Irving Weber Associates, Inc.
Territory: National
Target Classes:
We can write All Size operations nationally, and this program is available to single and multi-location operations.
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